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The Pandeism Anthology Series

The Pandeism Anthology series intends to answer, as completely as reasonably possible in such a milieu, the questions of the ramifications of the theological model of Pandeism (pantheistic Deism). Though examples abound of passing discussion of Pandeism in philosophical and theological writing and discourse, prior to the advent of this project, there has been insufficient focused examination of this possibility. Our project has already brought about wider popular awareness of the existence of Pandeism as a philosophy, and of the interactions or relationships between the pandeistic model and various religious and theological viewpoints. We expect to continue to stimulate additional examination of this concept and its range of possibilities in theological and philosophical communities.


The anthology series intentionally draws from a broad selection of authors from around the world, from professional theologians and persons with PhD's in the hard sciences to lay philosophers, from all walks of life. The only commonality is that all of these authors have a love of thinking and writing, and a talent for communication via the written word.

The series was inaugurated with the book, Pandeism: An Anthology, published in January 2017. A second volume, Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind, is scheduled to be published in July 2019. Two additional volumes are planned for publication in 2020 and 2022, tentatively titled: Pandeism: An Anthology of Natural Spirituality, and Pandeism: An Anthology of Hidden Realities, resulting in a collection of four anthologies, representing the views of over fifty different authors. Each of our anthology volumes is interspersed with poems (in some instances, incorporated by authors into the articles themselves), and many articles also contain informative illustrations.

A related project is our work to translate from German to English Max Bernhard Weinstein's substantial 1910 book examining Pandeism, Welt- und Lebensanschauungen, Hervorgegangen aus Religion, Philosophie und Naturerkenntnis, with a modern introduction written by Danish historian of science Helge Kragh. That project was completed in the Winter of 2020.

We plan to produce, as well, a book for younger readers illustrating the concept of Pandeism in simpler  terms and images, and to cap the Pandeism Anthology series with The Poetry of Pandeism a separate collection of poems and pictures from across these volumes, supplemented with new poems and pictures.

Ultimately, we hope to introduce other media such as documentary films, opening knowledge of Pandeism up to new and wider audiences, as well.

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