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PANDEISM: An Anthology

of Spiritual Nature

Pandeism: An Anthology of Spiritual Nature, scheduled for publication in May 2022, contains an additional collection of articles by more than a dozen authors, from all over the world, presenting diverse viewpoints on the theological theory of Pandeism.

With a special emphasis on Pandeism and natural spirituality -- the spirituality arising from our own nature, and that of the natural world -- the volume includes as well our usual reviews from critical perspectives, and general examinations of the possibilities and promise of Pandeism.

Our Authors

Authors whose work is included in the book include (alphabetized, by surname):

PDA3 cover X.png

  • Paul Carus (German-American Spinozist philosopher)

  • Nick Dutch (Tarot reader and TransDeist, United Kingdom)

  • Poffo Ortiz (Biopantheist author and artist, United States)

  • Amy Perry (transcendental poet, California)


A Place For Us by Timothy Ferris

Contrarian Theological Afterword by Timothy Ferris

Parallel Siblings: A Pandeistic and Taoist Convergence by John Ross, Jr.

Excerpt from Anaximander: A Re-assessment by Andrew Gregory

Artificial Intelligence: A Vengeful or Benevolent God? by Angela Volkov

Einstein: “God Does Not Play Dice With the Universe” by Dr. Michael Arnheim

A Cosmological Construction of an Infinite Cosmos by Socrates Ebo

“And Just Like That,” by Amy Perry

Introducing Samuel Alexander’s Space-Time God by Emily Thomas

Space, Time, and Deity by Samuel Alexander, with an introduction by Emily Thomas

The Pandeist Connection by Poffo Ortiz

“Taoist/Pandeist Alarm Clock,” by John Ross, Jr.

“Simple Pandeism,” by Amy Perry

“Stage Dramas,” by Amy Perry

Is Pandeism a Sufficient Explanation for the Universe? by Steven Schramm

“It, My Yin-Yang Tao,” by John Ross, Jr.

“Tao-Te-Ching: Chapter Five,” by John Ross, Jr.

My Journey to Pandeism, by Daniel Torridon

The Idea of God by Paul Carus

Why I Am Not a Pandeist by Celeste Foley

“Being Alive,” by Amy Perry

“The Keeper of the Sheep,” by Fernando Pessoa

Pessimism and Pandeism: Philipp Mainländer on the Death of God by Sam Woolfe

TransDeism and Divination by Nick Dutch

“For Bulls coach, God is no game” (excerpt) by Phil Jackson

Souls, Gods, and Afterlives in a World of Matter by Douglas M. Stokes


“Song of Myself, Section 48,” by Walt Whitman

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