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Essays From the Universe Experiencing Itself

Our Authors

Authors whose works are included in the book (alphabetized, by surname):


  • Joey Kim (spiritually open-minded erotic artist, United States)

  • Ewan Mochrie (personal development trainer, United Kingdom)

  • C. Norman Myers (Unitarian Minister, Tennessee)

  • Amy Perry (transcendental poet, California)




“Patterns” by Amy Perry

The Promising Path of Pandeistic Paganism, Or Having Your Spiritual Cake and Eating It Too! by David W. Bradford

“And Just Like That” by Amy Perry

“Taoist/Pandeist Alarm Clock” by John Ross, Jr.

“For Bulls coach, God is no game” (excerpt) by Phil Jackson

Waking Up into Understanding: A Positive Vibration by Nichole Machen

An Entheogenic Exploration of Pandeistic (Seeming) Experiences by Brian Graham

“Simple Pandeism” by Amy Perry

Spiritual Perspectives of a Wandering Sexual Artist by Joey Kim

Winds of Change — The dystopian future of our world by Sridhar Venkateswaran

Enoch, the Second Messenger of God, Volume I (excerpt) by Edward Vaughan Hyde Kenealy

“Stage Drama” by Amy Perry

Man of Sorrows by C. Norman Myers

“It, My Yin-Yang Tao” by John Ross, Jr.

“Tao-Te-Ching: Chapter Five” by John Ross, Jr.

“Being Alive” by Amy Perry

The Ouroboros Code: Speculative Panendeistic musings on the Eschaton Omega Hypercomputer by Antonin Tuynman

The Super-Now by Ewan Mochrie

“The Keeper of the Sheep,” VI by Alberto Caeiro (pseudonym of Fernando Pessoa)

“Song of Myself,” section 48, by Walt Whitman

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