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PANDEISM: An Anthology

of the Creative Mind

Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind, published in August 2019, contains an additional collection of new and reimagined articles by fifteen authors, from all over the world, presenting diverse viewpoints on the theological theory of Pandeism.

This volume has come together with pieces from far and wide finding their place in the whole.

With a special emphasis on Pandeism and the Creativity of the Human Mind, the volume includes as well our usual reviews from critical perspectives, and general examinations of the possibilities and promise of Pandeism.

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Our Authors

Authors who have written or released materials for this book include an outstanding group of contributors to a variety of areas of philosophical thought (alphabetically, by surname):

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  • Michael Minogue (student submission, Illinois)

  • Amy Perry (transcendental poet, United States)

  • Jayson X (World Union of Deists, United States)


Divine Gift by Amy Perry

Thoughts on Deism and Pandeism by Varadaraja V. Raman

Popper’s Three Worlds, Computers and Religion by Walter Hehl

Who Am I? by Varadaraja V. Raman

Is Pandeism Possible? by William C. Lane

Philosophisch-deistische und theosophische Anschauungen by Max B. Weinstein; translation by Deborah Moss

Art Brings Us Life by Amy Perry

Where Does God Live? by Varadaraja V. Raman

A Deist’s Case for Pandeism by EL Sudworth

At the Very Birth, Substance Fashioned the Celestial Solitude by John Ross, Jr.

Deism (from The 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia) by Kaufmann Kohler and Emil G. Hirsch

Is Pandeism Kosher for Jews? by Roger Price

Stoicism as a Spiritual Practice for Pandeists by Chris Fisher

Midnight Daydream by Amy Perry

VV Raman’s Poems on God by Varadaraja V. Raman

Fractal Divinity, the Purpose of Life, and Romanesco Broccoli by Scott Somerville

The Ontology of Pandeism: A New Genesis from Man by Michael Minogue

Lessons from the Glistening Spring by Amy Perry

Protopandeism: Hidden Divinity, Ex Materia Creation and the Necessity for the Arts as Suggestive of Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle by John Ross, Jr.

Robert A. Heinlein’s Multiple-Ego Solipsism, and the Pandeism of Fictional Worlds by Knujon Mapson

So Early American, The UnTorah/UnGospel by John Ross, Jr.

Godfrey Higgins, Cosmic Catastrophe and the Planetary Gods’ Debris: Revisiting the Mythohistorical Roots of Modern Pandeism by Julian West

Defining Fifteen Theological Words by Jayson X

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