The Pandeism Anthology series was inaugurated with the book, Pandeism: An Anthology, published in January 2017. A second collection, Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind, published in August 2019, and a third, Pandeism: An Anthology of Spritiual Nature, published in May 2022. Additional collections will follow.


Each book contains articles by over a dozen authors, from around the world, presenting diverse viewpoints on the theological theory of Pandeism.


This theory seeks to reconcile aspects of Pantheism and Deism, proposing as a logical possibility that we are all part of a Creator which became our Universe to experience existence through our lives. This theory is proposed by some to be a more elegant and parsimonious model than theistic faiths, with implications argued to be more conducive to claiming the title of a "religion of peace."


What is the 

Pandeism: Anthology series?

Pandeism: An Anthology


Pandeism: An Anthology

of the Creative Mind

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Essays From the
Universe Experiencing Itself

In June 2018, our brilliant friend Antonin Tuynman published a quite masterfully assembled anthology of articles on the question of Simulation Hypothesis -- the proposition that our Universe is in fact possibly simply a simulation being run on the system of somebody else's Universe. This includes an article by Knujon Mapson from the perspective of Pandeism, as well as contributions from authors Dante Rosati, Tim Gross, Eva Deli, Alex Vikoulov, Donald King, Sean Byrne, Dirk Bruere, Matt Swayne and, naturally, Antonin Tuynman -- it is available in print form via, and in electronic form via
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